Home Birth After Caesarean (HBAC)

All the stats and analysis you need to help you make an informed decision.

Home birth after caesarean is a sensible option. Research shows the best outcomes come from a planned vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean) that ends up in a vbac. So doing what you can to increase your chance of a vaginal birth is a good idea.

Bizarrely, the standard care for vbac is the exact opposite: give birth in a consultant unit, go into hospital early in labour, be continually monitored, not eat and drink. All of these things have good evidence to show that they actually increase the chance of ending up with a caesarean. The standard care recommendations/policies for vbacs are primarily precautionary in case of uterine rupture which is rare, though it does happen and can be life threatening. However these measures do not prevent uterine rupture happening, and most of them are not based on good evidence of their being beneficial. For example, there is no evidence that continual monitoring is better at detecting a rupture than intermittent monitoring with a sonic aid (dopler), fetascope or pinard.

There is good evidence that planning a home birth after caesarean increases your chance of having a vbac, without increasing your chance of a poor outcome.

But what about rupture?

Great word isn't it? Makes it sound like you'll explode. When actually it is a gradual opening.

If you do have a uterine rupture then being in hospital would be a good idea. However, true rupture is very rare. There is a lot of muddling up of rupture rates. This course examines the research and the stats so you can weigh up the pros and cons and make your own decision.

It is your body, your baby, so it is your decision.

The course also includes stories from women who have had home births after a previous caesarean section.

The information is based on the maternity care in the UK, but women's bodies are the same the world over so most of the information is relevant.

"Hi Catherine, I’ve just finished watching your HBAC presentation and had to msg to say a HUGE thank you! I’m 26weeks pregnant, 41yo and I know in my gut & heart I’m growing a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I can birth beautifully at home. But I needed your presentation to help others around me see that it is what’s best for me and bubba. My OH has the fear in him following a consultant appointment and I KNEW that although she meant well, she was only giving us a limited perspective. I now feel so empowered to discuss my choices with my midwife and the consultant (I am going to the next appointment as I requested my previous birth notes). I already have a Doula booked and she is amazing and fully supportive of my choices.
It was so hard to have my voice heard during my first birth and it was so traumatic, so I am very grateful for this opportunity to reclaim my power. Thank you deeply for the work you do, it is so important. "

Your Instructor

Cathy Williams
Cathy Williams

I help pregnant people and new parents find and follow their own path to being Chilled Mamas and Papas.

I am a woman who likes to make her own mind up. I like facts and logic, which is why I like to go behind the guidelines and recommendations, to look at the research and get a better understanding. I will go off the beaten path if that is right for me and my family. I home educate my two youngest. I think everybody makes different choices with the same information because we all bring the perspective of our experience and upbringing.

I am a doula, an antenatal teacher, pregnancy relaxation teacher, baby massage teacher, baby wearing adviser, parenting practitioner and ex-breastfeeding peer supporter.

I'm also a home birthing, co-sleeping, washable nappy using, baby wearing, full term breastfeeding, gentle parenting, autism mama. I have stepped off the standard path and found my own way ~ and I'd like to help you find yours.

I live in Bedfordshire. I love walking in the woods, labyrinths, and snuggling up on the sofa to watch films and tv series. I am a tea lover, a beach lover, and chocolate lover. I have five children, aged 10, 16, 18, 23, & 25. Only three still live at home.

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